Reminder: Patti Richards Jazz Tribute – Jan 23, 2011

What: Patti Richards Jazz Tribute
When: Jan 23, 2011
Other Info: Jazz Alliance of Mid-Michigan (JAMM) presents
A Musical Tribute to Patti Richards
Sunday, January 23rd; 3-7pm
Perspective 2, Old Town , Lansing, Michigan

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  1. Bridget Vannerson Mar 12th 2011

    I just read that you were a part of the Tribute Concert for Patti Richards. She is my grandmother and I have never gotten to hear any of her music. If it is alright to ask a few questions, I would be very delighted.

    Did you actually know Grandma Patti personally? What is her music like? I am a fan of Jazz and Blues and through school played Saxophone because of her. If you have any information about her, or how to obtain copies of her music, I would be much obliged! Thank you for you time!

    Bridget Vannerson

  2. HI Bridget, So sorry to reply soe late with this. Yes I did know your grandma personally and played with her on several gigs. I enjoyed her music and performing with her so very much. Unfortunately, I do not have copies of her music, as I usually knew allof the standard tunes she did by heart. Maybe Jeff Kressler, her pianist might have some copies of her music. You might write him at:

    All the best, Joe Luloff

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